Pre-School in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

We have a unique pre-school curriculum that has the best of everything, from writing to reading to numbers to baking to yoga and many others.  We are holistic in our approach but structured in our methods.  At the start of each week we introduce a new letter, number, colour and shape that will be the focus for the week. Throughout the week our caring educators and staff will provide your child with hands-on attention to help them grasp each new concept, whether it be phonics, writing, math, reading and motor skills.

Our structured learning programs encourage creative expression in all children!

Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT?!

Pre-School Methodology at Kids Cove

Our preschool programs are not only educational, but is also interactive and fun. Our preschool programs in our centre in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur make learning fun! The primary goal of our preschool programs is to inspire the young students that we teach to want to learn more. This is what makes Kid’s Cove Bangsar different from other preschools.

Here is how kids feel at Kids Cove

What our parents say about our child care
services in Bangsar

I just simply love it. Ravitha is the most professional, caring and lovely person. Highly recommend to everyone this place. All the Best!

Vanessa Polaina

Sent my kid here since he was 8 month old. Now he is 3.5 years old and fluently speaks English which he fully picked up at Kids Cove, as we speak mother tongue at home. I don't hesitate to recommend this to anyone. The place is clean, secure and kids in this kindergarten learn the fun way.

Mikhail Mitryakov

A fresh start, for those who already know it all about childcare! Couldn't recommend better than Ravitha, for the job. Don't need to wish or praise more, success is a sure thing. Congrats!

Paulo Polaina

It all started when our son's nanny suddenly decided to quit when he was 8 months old and we were left aghast. Googles search for the best day care in Bangsar popped up Ravita's place. She rescued us the moment we met. My son has been the happiest since then. A fantastic day care with the most loving and responsible teachers. I can comfortably recommend #Kidscove


Great kindergarten and preschool where kids can learn and make a lot of different activities in a kindly atmosphere. The manager and staff are highly professional but above all they are passionate about what they do and that makes all the difference!

Dutriaux Alexandra

Great place for my toddler. The staff are really caring, the food they serve is yummy and healthy and there is ample space for my active toddler to run around. With regular updates throughout the day via WhatsApp and access CCTV, I feel confident that my precious one is in good hands.

Nazurah Aziz

Looking for a preschool can be really challenging. We are delighted to have found Kids Cove in Bangsar. The staff is super professional &passionate, the place is modern & clean and the program is a great mix of playful activities & learning. I could not recommend enough RavithaParamesan's little preschool!!! Our little one is so happy to go there everyday. And I know how lucky we are to have him growing in a trustful and friendly environment.

Carol Liz