Nothing is more frightening to a dad than carrying his baby for the first time.

So you’re over the moon when your baby is delivered. Then you are overtaken by fear. How do you overcome the fear and carry your baby safely? The parental instincts have kicked in. You want to keep your baby safe in its own Kids Cove at all times. First thing you need to learn is how to carry your baby?

1 – Trust your instincts. Lifting your baby is not difficult but it is important to learn the right technique.

2 – Put both your arms under your baby.

3 – Place your palm firmly under your baby’s neck and head.

4 – The other hand is to be placed along your baby’s back and bottom.

5 – Very gently lift your baby. Scooping your baby must be done with both hands firmly holding the neck, head, back and bottom.

6 – Smoothly adjust your baby so that your baby’s head is at the crook of your arm whilst supporting her neck at all times. “Newborns are head-heavy and don’t have much neck strength yet, so use the crook of your elbow to support their head,” says Laura Jana, M.D., an Omaha-based pediatrician and author of Heading Home with Your Newborn.

7 – Gently and slowly lift the baby and swaddle him against your chest. The baby instinctively feels the heartbeat and the sound is like a soothing balm. Your baby will immediately calm down and feel safe.

8 – You want to hold the baby securely while keeping your body loose. If you’re too rigid, he won’t be able to relax and will start to squirm.

9 – Holding your baby for the first time can be very emotional or even stressful for the parents. “Babies can sense your stress, so even though you may be feeling nervous, talk to the baby in a calm voice,” Dr. Jana says. It’ll make him feel safe and secure.


“The way to not fumble a newborn is hold it tight against your body like a football,” Dr. Hill says.

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